About the Soddari

The Soddari come from another world in another plane.  On their world the sky is yellow, not blue.  And the sky is painted with black lines like bolts of ebon lightning had burned across the sky and left permanent designs.  From everything we can see, the world is covered in ice, though perhaps we have only come across it in winter, for there are trees off in forests that we can see.  However, great swathes of this world are covered in ice and only dead trees can be seen.  Also, the creatures seem only able to survive when it is icy.  In our world, if the Soddari venture forth from icy caves for more than a few hours, they are harmed by the warmth of our world and will eventually die.  Their language is nothing like our own; powerful castings of spells are needed to even speak with them, further demonstrating their alien nature.

Warriors from a tribe in the Ice World has come raiding for villagers from our world.  Villagers they use as slaves and even food.

When we ventured into their world, we discovered a walled town larger than any in Duchy of Arsalon.  We need to deal carefully with these people lest we start a war we can neither win nor finish.

That said, we have found that the tribe we seek is not based in the large town, but a few hours away in a simpler village.  Hopefully we can deal with this tribe and free what remains of our villagers, putting an end to these raids.  We have already lost many people in pursuit of this goal.

Soddari of Note

  • Gergyl – Prisoner we captured, charmed, and interrogated. 
  • Kerburk – Tribal chief
  • Gerswig – Wizard who makes the Magic Blue ice crystals

    • The blue crystals emit light and cold.  Touching these with your bare hand can freeze your limbs solid.



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